Winnowing FanUpdate

A fan is used when beating the wheat the heavy grains fall below the fan and the chaff gets blown into the fire.  No one likes the parts that cannot sustain us.
This particular fan has a witness to its appearance there are 409 crop circles that make it up. 409 makes a great all-purpose cleaner but it cannot wash away your sins only the blood of Christ can do that.

Update~ Forgot to mention that this was done in August 2001 just before Jezebel’s groupies started attacking Islam for the towers going down on September 2001, to bear false witness is an offense to God and HE placed up the true axis of evil to whom HE holds responsible for the twin towers going down. Simply wrap the lines around the globe it does not have anything to do with Abraham’s descendants its part of the apostasy and we are leaving behind those who falsely accused Islam with Islam.

Also 409 chapters into the Bible we come to Ezra Six the rebuilding of the Temple.

There are young spirits joining with older spirits and if you look closely they are acting like arms for the older ones.  One can only imagine they are singing Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “We will come rejoicing bringing in the Sheaves.”

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