Why the business cards are more effective than a tract.

Tracts are great. I loved and enjoyed the Chick Tracts. They enabled me to understand the story in a way that only a picture can express. The term a picture worth a thousand words is golden because we live in a visual environment where God has made himself and HIS story known.

HE is spirit, and those who come to HIM must come to HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH  John 4:24. Daniel 8:12 brings us to the truth through practicing and prospering. The word encourages us “3 John 1:2 KJV  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
” If your soul does not prosper, is it not bankrupt,  is your health not ruined?

The business cards bring people to the destination where the crop circles now make sense. Jesus made it clear if HIS people would humble themselves and repent, he would hear from heaven and heal their land.

The devil hates this idea of mine because he has delayed it at every turn, it is in the world of finance and business his domain and strongholds are greatest.   Where he endeavors the hardest. Our families take a beating as the world calls us to improve our position and social standing in life. The sacrifice comes at a toll; families are ruined through broken marriages that end in divorce, and they all have one thing in common the business card that brought them there.

I would like to have another dog like the first one I owned, a full Shetland Sheep Dog who looked just like Lassie, great for the sheep.   However, to possess a dog, I am told, requires attentiveness, care, and time.

A family is more important than a pet and requires the same if not more of an investment. The workplace came about by the law’s curse, which said we would labor by the sweat of our brow. All because we rebelled against the provider and maker of our universe.   Who reveals in HIS word that HE shall supply all our needs according to HIS riches and glory in Christ Jesus.

America, much like England, Prospered because of our relationship to Christ and our commitment to spreading the gospel of Christ to the lost. Saving souls is what it is all about, and faith comes by the gifts and not the word??

Ephraim is the youngest, and his brother Manassah is purposed to serve him according to the blessing Jacob gave them in Egypt. Where is America in scripture? They each got a  nation through their descendants. These two brothers represent a mix of Egyptian and Hebrew both races in our bloodlines. So if you’re a Nazi looking for the superior race, everyone will have to die, or give your life to Christ and become the eternal race and love one another as HE loved you, willing to die for the other.

Nations that suffered and were without because they rejected the gospel and a particular religion hid the word from them, claiming to be servants of HIS could turn wooden staffs into snakes if the masses didn’t catch on. They killed in his name the faithful saints of God and kept the word from the hearts of men, and thus, we have what we have today because of them.

Now,  it should be no secret to who destroyed America and the rest of the world, none other than the false religion of Rome is supported by the wicked because they have no understanding of history. It’s almost like not walking in the light at all. The word talks of one ROCK greater than another rock.

There Jesus is not our Jesus; our Jesus will always and forever love the Jewish people who kept the faith like the angels who stayed in heaven waiting for HIM to come. My,  OUR Jesus would not place idols and reignite a priesthood to offer sacrifices because HE wants the world to know it was finished at the cross. Now we are called to inspect the gift/sacrifice. 1Peter 2:9.

He ended the priesthood he began because he knew Satan wouldn’t and couldn’t. They were needed to build his one world order.

Their rock is not mine. The good news is that the martyred saints of God throughout history are watching the Justice play out Revelation 6:10.

Here is the coming Justice don’t take my word for it,  pray about it.


6/10 is my birthday, by the way, I was adopted, so I am big on Pro-life,  Christian life. My birth is no big deal; what is essential is Jesus’s birthday, and we do not know the actual date, so let’s try and celebrate it every day, not just once a year. We will in heaven, so let’s start now.

My first dog was a sheepdog and a famous one at that, LOL!

So business cards are what lead us to success in the world.  We make contacts,  we want people to know our name and how to communicate to us,  we tell them of our profession a lot is bound up in a small business card. I am about my FATHER’s business viola business cards.

It’s not so much the card as to where it leads you. Had I been taken by the Masons or Rome before the work was done the work would not have got done. Millions more souls lost to the fires of hell. The love of many will grow cold, Jesus said in these last days, and the mask is one letter away from the mark.

The same people who gave you the mask are bringing the mark.

If pastors would take the business cards for the first round and pass them out to their congregations and ask one question to be filled in the back of the card so that the individual is not singled out in the crowd,  let their yes be yes and their no be no. Their answer will let them know if they are staying for tribulation or coming into heaven in the first rapture,  those left behind will most likely take the mark; after all a mask keeps them from Church.

I want all those who love Jesus and want to love Jesus in heaven.

What about Psalm 91 the opposite number or reverse of 19? God, the angel’s and I never made this hard this is hard because people refuse to believe, and because they received not the love of the truth they perish.

How is it that gifts said to be given by God can be so mighty,   but discernment so lacking?

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.