Whatever happened to Blessed is He who Comes in the name of the Lord?

The featured image is the face of a man, and God made us in his image. It was part of the returned Aricebo message found in Chilbolton (Chilbolton is a village and civil parish in Hampshire, England). I happen to live in Hampshire, New Testament England. Making these crop images were balls of light (eyewitnesses).  God again, we know, is the Father of lights. He wrote his story into my life, making me sort of like the living word, and provided me the answers to the crop circles after discovering the effigy of HIMSELF built in Egypt by a bad group of fallen angels.

We are still dealing with them today; we call them demons; you can’t see them, but they are there.  They love playing Church, and they exhibit gifts not found in scripture; they have to place a spin on them from their counter-reformation educational systems.

To make us believe they know God. What about the Jewish people who represent the angels who are watching us waiting as they had for the Messiah.

Still, Pagan idolatry in the face of Muslims and Jewish people makes us look like hypocrites. We are called to win the lost children of Abraham into the house of God.  We are called to compel them to come. When we stand with the fishes, we will sleep with the fishes. Jesus is the Lion of Judah and cats eat fish!

We can do this with great joy or through great suffering.

Here is the entire message returned. I posted the verses of scripture the message points to on sites like https://shineonjesus.com. It’s broken into about six parts, and the seventh deals with the sender that showed up a year before this appeared.

Spinning out creation looks like a BIG BANG to me God spoke and the worlds were made. There can only be one God and one mediator between man and God. HE came 2000 years ago and now HE is back to finish HIS half of the seven years. Using HIS seven Churches.

Starting with  Getting the Message Part 1 Counting to Ten Without Skipping Five. The number for mercy we are going to build the enemy that temple as promised.

Who knew before FATHER Abraham that EGYPT was the center of the globe?

Seven eyes represent the seven spirits of God. Do I need to get another eye looking at this?

They destroyed America, and given a chance, they would destroy heaven as well. So they get left behind because they received not the love of the truth.

That’s better???

On one of my original seven websites, I foolishly revealed how God intended to finish the work he began in you.  Right away came his plan to wipe everyone out with his manufactured through man virus.  This is Euthanasia, the selective way cunning and masterful. Keeping us six feet apart does not allow us to complete our mission. All he want’s is the peace plan to get the Temple rebuilt, but I refuse to bow to his Jezebel-like Church to do it.

When he asked Jesus to bow before him to give Jesus the kingdoms of the world,  what did Jesus tell him? As a follower of Christ, should  I say anything different or less? We are to serve God and HIM alone. So if I did step out and do the amazing Benny Hinn, only Hinn can do that thing, then I would have fallen prey to his deception that is uniting the apostate Church together.  It came from the Church, who continues to sacrifice Jesus and put other mediators in the path of men to ensnare souls. He has transformed many ministers into his ministers of righteousness, keeping many of his captives and foot soldiers believing they are part of the true Church.

I thank God for Martin Luther and the gift of being able to read HIS love story that is the Bible,  had it not been for Luther, where would many of us be? Where would we have fallen?

Test the spirits and be aware of who the Jewish people are to Jesus, even who all of Abraham’s children are to HIM. The apostate Church caused us to war against them and be even antisemitic.   Those who love the Jesus of the Bible love the children of Abraham how we treat the Jewish people is a testimony of our love for Christ. To stand with and support the apostasy is to reveal you do not understand what is going on, and your idol embracing Jesus is not the Jesus I serve. The pharaoh of Moses day had priests who could turn staffs into serpents and Praise be to God; HIS staff devoured both (two) serpents!

From there, it all became straightforward. I realized then that the five initials in my name needed only to be placed in their proper order, the first to be last E.L. after the R.A.B. I  never went by Robert; I was always referred to as Bob.  If you drop the first B, then it gives away my identity.   I know,  I am such a disappointment with Jesus coming and all and none of those in his Church getting to the next level of their superpower,  which is we have all our stones back now; now we need the light.  Get it, my little counter-reformation group.  My “precious” like I don’t know what’s going on? Tolkien was a Catholic who got his story from the place of darkness and not the light.  The Norse god Oden had the story first.

I’m interested in reaching your lost loved ones for Jesus.  So they don’t have to wear masks and be tortured by the Pro-life Catholics.

A Church that kept the word away from people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adolph Hitler, and countless other Mobsters, to not know the true Jesus of scripture. Why do so many insist on standing in unity with a church that hides the word of God and mocks the Gospel?   Their goal has always been world domination, another Nazi-like system, and the destruction of America? This is the Church the ecumenical people want to be standing with on Judgement day.

Say’s something about our hearts doesn’t it? In reality, we do not really love them, and likewise they do not love true saints they are building our gallows.

Do they want this in heaven? God surely doesn’t unless they repent and become “Born Again” for real! Washed in the blood is a lot different than hiding behind it and not being cleansed.  The name of the Rothchilds that holds the money for Rome coincidentally interprets to Red Shield something you hide behind.

Below are the headers that come with emails to new posts you can subscribe to and forward an email to a friend. I do not on my server maintain your email addresses; a third party does that so check their privacy policy. Mine reveals as has God has always said all things will be made known and exposed including those young whippersnappers who have no respect for their elders.

Blessed are the feet of him that brings good news.
Blessed is the One Who Brings Good News From A Far and Distant Place.


Prepare to meet the maker.
Good News You Don’t Have to Stay the Debt Has Been Paid You Only Need to Have Faith.


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Server of All – Preparing the Way for the Master.


Judgement is coming
It is good news for some and very bad news for others. God is merciful.


Good News From Above - Messages From Heaven
Good News From Above – Messages From Heaven


This is to gr44fishing.net because Genesis 4:4 and Revelation 4:4 are great together the beginning and the end.

There is more to come; this is just for starters.  Did you know the enemy had over 180 pyramids built?  In each place you find one, you will find a false god and people made slaves to serve him?

I should be called Daniel “Jackson.” Who has to fight all the fake god wannabees with their superpowers.

Brother Abel.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.