To the Doubting Thomas’s of the Church and Outside the Church

Not long ago, I posted a prophecy I was given on September 23, 1990, 11 years before 9/11 and 16 years to the day my stepmother passed away. She had been my tormentor whose soul I pleaded for that she would not enter into hell.  My supplication for her soul began in 1982 when I found Jesus, or should I say, stopped and listened to HIS voice to answer the call. She was a tormented soul raised in a Catholic orphanage from the age of four until she was 16 years old.

Recently I attended a Prophetic training seminar that cost me 125.00, the same amount my stepfather paid to adopt me on December 29, 1959.  I still have the receipt; he had it laminated. Who does that? When child trafficking took place from Ireland to the United States, unwed mothers had their children torn from them and sold to American Catholic families to the tune of upwards of 6000 dollars,  which was a lot for the day. They needed to fill America with ignorant Christians who would be their puppets spread their lies as gospel truth. And everywhere Catholicism influenced a Nation that nation became Communist, and this one will be no different. China is poised to take America.

God’s judgment upon the Catholic people and their so-called Spirit-filled followers who will be left behind to see their final work because they allow the daily sacrifice that denies Jesus’s finished work!

In Russia, they took off their collars, adorned civilian clothes, and incited the Bolshevik revolution.  The Czars had more wealth than they needed, but the problem was not the Czars, and Satan came to steal and destroy the word wherever it came. It was more the Church the Czars belonged to. In Russia, it was Greek Orthodoxy; there cannot be two holy fathers; the question would always be which of them is right?  They both cannot be correct: two priesthoods claiming apostolic succession???

See Satan’s dilemma?

I usually ask how many Holy Fathers are there in heaven? And the answer always comes back “ONE,” to which I reply what happened to all the others?

The destruction of the greek orthodox Church was their goal just as it was their goal to support Chinese Communism in the 60s and 70s; as long as Protestants were put down, the word kept closed; that is all that mattered to them. Destroying America their goal as they did to Protestant reformed Germany, they spread the lies, added false doctrine, and birthed false teachers among us. I have one in the AG church, a “Reverand” who claims we will sit on the right-hand side of God??? When Jesus himself stated that it was for God to decide. What is it? A Ferris wheel?  They sit right hand to right-hand face to face as outlined in Psalm 110:1

Thomas needed to see the holes in the hands and side of Jesus before he would believe. Writing and posting the prophecy is my word; I would doubt it as well, so I came upon the actual audio in the throes of spring cleaning.  I was surprised that not all of what I wrote is complete, so here is the entire prophecy over me in the audio of that message. The witnesses that were there are many and still with us today.

I am not Prophetic; I am prophecy! I will not give in to the one with all the stones till I get the stones that should cover the light.

A man proclaims he can tell who has a word from God and never looks in my direction. At the same time, under his very nose, I count over ten people who will be left in the tribulation they do not have a problem with Catholics now; they will in the tribulation as China is the cure for false doctrines.

I am not a God. I do not want to be a God ever or allow anyone else that position.  Is that what a protective covering does??? Unlike Brother Copeland and many others who support another Holy Father, my Father is invisible and very alive and active. Join us for resurrection.

To those claiming better late than never, may I remind you that no one knows the day or the hour but the Father, who is the only HOLY FATHER in heaven, so where are you getting your intel?

Jesus began early, and seeing how I was always told I could never do anything right, I may be late, but Jesus was early, and we can now see the black and the red horse.

The first shall be last, head injury to head injury, the first Kingdom called Babel meant confusion but take out the first “B” the confusion goes away. The First Kingdom, the principality, takes the last Kingdom. My God is able to aid Abel in making him righteous as Jesus said he was.

To open the gates of heaven is to share God’s word. To open the gates of hell is to keep it out of the hands of the people, make the gifts more significant.