Several Designs That Tell You Whom the Angels are not Taking With Them!

The below video from YouTube is of a Man of God confronted by those ignorant of the scriptures.  Clearly, the devil has hidden the word of God from them through the priesthood who claims knowledge of God but needs to control the word of God.  These children are not allowed to read the Bible themselves or depend on the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal its truth.  Here they give their Church’s interpretation of what it says.  This man is making the mistake of not stating that their Christ is anti-semite and ours is not! The paganism gives them away!

Their god produces Nazism, a social disorder, and ours does not.

The Jewish people represent the angels who faithfully kept the faith, awaiting the SON of Man to take HIS place by HIS Father’s right hand in heaven. They did not go after the one with all the fancy jewelry we call the covering Cherub. There is an image of him here on the earth, and the descendants of Abraham the chosen cannot be deceived by it, for it is full of unclean things. Jesus said that his enemy came to steal, kill and destroy. He leaves destruction in his wake and keeps his promises to his fallen angels of placing them in power and rulers in our world.

This man in the video is preaching the truth in front of the National Catholic Youth Conference. If these children only knew what their Church has brought to America, they would cry out to the Jesus of Scripture turn and be saved; Protestants need to wake up first!

Is he screaming, “They wouldn’t give me a Microphone?” or is it “I should have given him a Microphone?”

The priest says these kids are on fire, and that is true if they never become “Born Again,” they will be rejected. Their garments are unclean. You can see by their behavior towards this man they are not saved and will face the fires.  Kind of like a reverend who referred to me as a dirtbag and still acts like he knows God. Jesus said to call no man a fool or Racca for those who do, will be in danger of the judgment, my last name means beautiful place, but he said it meant dirtbag or how they now spell dirtbag?

Was that you, Jesus in the heart of that man? I thought you were pleased to have me find the effigy of you built before man was created so that you can remove that curse.  The curse of sin and death was taken by you on the cross, this other curse was here because it was placed in front of the angels as he mocked you. He denied your SON would even come and when and if HE would come he would make HIM a pet. That is why man who is made in your image are treated like dogs in this false religious system of his.

Jeremiah 4:28 KJV
(28)  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

Did he call me a dirtbag because I didn’t start doing Benny Hinn-like maneuvers after he preached. This was after he distorted the scripture concerning Genesis 15:17. He may have heard I took on one of these lamps that make the crop images,  but he made it insignificant of no value. It could be because his god once carried it, and he saw no value in it like so many others.

This same AG reverend I noticed teaches many errors,  am I supposed to ignore them? How was I to respond when so many sit in awe of him?  Like the one where he says that we will all sit on the right-hand side of God??? It’s that from a little god’s doctrine that crept into the Church??? Who doesn’t want to think of themselves in that position?

Is it a Ferris wheel or a conveyor belt?

Do we have to wait thousands of years for us to loop back around? Do we smile and wave as we go by, do we spend more than a minute as another hops on the wheel at the bottom? That would be unfair to others unless we each got a minute 🙂 I can only imagine!

This very statement started the rebellion with Lucifer wanting that seat reserved for the most high God, the heir of all things Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Lucifer began denying the SON even existed; they asked God to split HIMSELF into two, with the one becoming visible. If I am correct and they are sitting face to face, right hand to right-hand Psalm 110:1, do you want to be the one to come between them and split them apart again? I know I don’t.

Eight is God’s number for perfection. There are 55 holes on what appears as a chainsaw blade. Times the two thrones the FATHER and SON sit on. Psalm 110:1

Satan holds all of the world’s religious people hostage along with his supporters until he gets what he wants. Jesus said in two gospels that differed on the question, but the answer remained the same.  It was for HIS FATHER (GOD) to decide who sits on his right and who sits on his left.  I want to stand on HIS right with the sheep or find comfort as his child sitting in HIS lap. There is room for everybody in the lap of God.  The heavens HIS throne and the earth HIS footstool. I am not fighting to be on the sides of the north that represent where the goats will be on his left hand.

Isaiah 14:16-17 KJV
(16)  They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;
(17)  That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?

In the video below, the man says, as I have said,  as Jesus INSTRUCTS, “call no man father,”  and the false man of God (priest) replies at 18:07, I bet you don’t call your dad father either? It is a clear indicator to me this priest does not understand what Jesus meant. It was purposed to expose such a system as being froth with errors.

Jesus was talking about the spiritual implication. Of course, I called even my stepfather father; it is a term of respect and shows love. I even have people I have led to Christ call me their spiritual father.  However, I insist they give glory to God. I just did as I was instructed; now you do the same. But if I did not lead you to Jesus, then the term should not be used for me. It only encourages pride.

Consider yourself no better than another. When you claim the Church is your Church, call me when you surrender it to God.

Jesus said you have one Father that is in heaven. They (demons) do not want the world to focus on this one SPIRITUAL FATHER creator of all, so they make the term lose its meaning.  How many HOLY FATHERS are there in heaven? How many holy fathers are there on the earth? Can both be a HOLY FATHER, a direct line to God? Neither honoring the message of Jesus found in Matthew 23? I give you the two legs of iron that do not bend their knee, and because of pride, they stand stiff and proud. Their sheep are in tow to where?

Jesus was sure to have the priesthood he began to be no longer needed until the enemy’s turn to sit in the Temple and claim to be God. Why? To show us God wants no other priesthood to build HIS house, and the others are false and misleading. They destroyed America. They will destroy the peace of heaven with their unrepentant hearts.