Promoting The Uncompromising Saints

Who determines who is headed home and who is beheaded?  The angels do the sorting and ties to the antisemitic Church and breakers of the second commandment who teach others to ignore it as well are getting beheaded. Those who try and get the Watchman to compromise as well are not ready to leave, they missed the point entirely.

Yes God turns on his friends who have turned on him first, so let us look closer at apostasy.

There’s power in the blood and power in the word of truth to set captives free.

The first light bearer of heaven, the youngest of the angels, the closest one to God, and a once dear friend, was designed to reveal the SON’s true value to the angels who stopped coming to worship in faith the SON of God. Like our Antichrist, he was someone who arrived at the end just before the creation of man. I believe the story of Jacob and his twelve sons reveals this truth if we consider the coat of many colors symbolic of Lucifer. The coat did not come until the first born son of Rachel appeared as she was whom Jacob worked longest for,  just as God worked harder to bring HIS SON into the earth for us all to see, becoming HIS Avatar.

Did God need the trappings of gold and precious stones to validate HIS position as God through Lucifer? Jesus left the glories of heaven to be born in a manger which answers this very question. No, HE did not, the message was for the angels and man as a revelation that the SON of God has value. Worship draws us into God’s presence, and the spirit of God in us keeps us from breaking HIS laws and respecting HIS authority. He shows us what a dark place without HIM looks like.

Rather than lifting the ones who were committed and expelling those who weren’t, Lucifer allowed himself to be taken in by those who denied the SON’s existence as a ploy to get what he wanted.  He began by lying to the angels that God had no SON. The second angelic rebellion of Genesis 6:4 reverberates this sentiment because of him. They gave up their place in heaven for the women. Women who would not have been if  Lucifer had not started the rebellion, to begin with, and just worshiped the SON in faith. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.

Genesis 6:3 clues us in on they had flesh and blood just like a man, so if the second wave took on flesh and blood, we know the first group also did and the reason God tells Adam and Eve to REPLENISH the earth. They are here now only in spirit as they are not allowed back into heaven, and it is they who wreak havoc in our world by using the ignorant among us as their puppets or pets.

Because the first group had no interest in women, who were created long after man, they had no desire for them.  Their Avatars do not marry and fulfill the original desire of Satan, to use the SON of God as his pet to build his New World Order. They ignore the commands of God and the teachings of Christ and substitute them with false holiness and outward acts just enough to keep others from seeing the truth.

Like the devil, they promote the wrong people into positions of power over us. This is the image of the beast having adorned himself with the wealth he lost that made him; his vanity became his downfall.

Their wealth is not a testimony to their relationship with God when God clearly told us the devil came to steal, kill and destroy; the wealth of Rome’s Vatican comes from the destruction of Protestant lands and persons. By hiding the word, they are faced with their own gallows China and Islam will rise against them in these last days along as well as their quislings.

Their favorite thing for them to do is hide the word and keep others dependent on their understanding of it only they are not “Born Again” and their relationship to God is as delusional as a Mormons or any of the other false religious systems that take us away from the full word of God and HIS will.  To understand God’s word one must be filled with HIS HOLY SPIRIT and denounce the unfruitful works of darkness in favor of light that only shines on Jesus the SON and God the Father.

One of the many reasons all the new translations drop the word replenish it’s a denial of preexistence. With Satan trying to deny his existence, my coming was not very well received.

I was disappointed; I was expecting jubilation for Abel, whom Jesus identified me as, not an antichrist.

If the watchman and the antichrist are the same, Abel is a hero.

Satan and his apostates don’t want that,  they seek for me to kiss the Lord of the Ring.

God was validating HIS presence and word using England’s crop fields, King James’s home, and Protestantism.

Jesus called Abel righteous HE is either lying or, at some point, Abel comes under the blood to make it so.

God’s SON’s honor is worth the world revealing what the first bringer of light was to reveal VALUE!

I am, for all intense purposes, a loyal fan of Jack Chick, and one of the reasons I feel God gave me this is how I point to HIM and the TRUTH.

Regarding God’s word, I agree with Jack T. Chick.

I will not bow to the image of the beast, nor would I want you to.

They have chosen their HOLY FATHER! Yet how many of these HOLY FATHERS are there in Heaven?

These people have chosen their HOLY Father with two in the world; it shouldn’t be that confusing.

If I were the light bearer I would promote men like Greg Laurie, Jeff Schreve, Todd Friel, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, Voddie Baucham, Joe and Emma Kirby, and one I believe is of the 144000, Colin Miller.

God Has Enemies Then There’s Apostasy