Lighting the Menorah-Pay Attention to step 3

On this Menorah there are 12 flatten circular sections; there are twelve tribes of Israel. The most significant light gets lit first and then the others as outlined below. It would help if you did not ever extinguish the first light /candle; there are consequences when trying to light the others: the more truth one has the more valuable he is to the kingdom God rejoices in it, the more value, the greater the light. You have been doing Hanukkah and Shabbat for thousands of years here is its meaning.

This is a continuation of Sharing the Light

3 arms on the right and 3 on the left, and 3  legs revealed for another 9 added to our 12 for 21 (777). Get right with God or burn with the rest of HIS enemies.

12 oddly is the reverse of 21 when added together it is 33.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Psalms 12:1-8,  Psalm 21:1-3, and Psalm 33:1-22 emphasis is on Psalm 33:12 and Psalm 33:21. His name is Jesus.

According to Jewish tradition, after the Maccabees’ victory over the Greeks, there was only enough oil to burn for one day in the Temple. Miraculously the oil burned for eight days. Lighting the Hanukkah menorah commemorates this miracle.

Three tribes to the left three to the right six down the center including Benjamin the flame.

Step 1: Know Your Timing You’re supposed to light the menorah just after dark each night of Hanukkah. (However, many families wait until everyone is home together and light it then.) On Fridays, the menorah is lit before dark to avoid lighting on Shabbat.

Step 2: Find Its Spot The menorah is meant to spread light to others and is traditionally placed in a window, on a table or outside your door. (Make sure it is far from active kids and flammable materials.)

Step 3: Light the Shamash The candle that is raised or in the center of the menorah is the shamash (helper candle). It’s the one you use to light the other candles. Light it first. (Don’t use any of the other candles to light the others.)

Step 4: Say the Hanukkah Blessing You recite the Hanukkah blessing now, once the shamash is lit but before you light any other candles.

Step 5: Light Right to Left, but Left to Right There are eight candles to light. On the first night of Hanukkah, place a candle in the holder on the far right and light it with the shamash. Then put the shamash back in its spot (leaving it lit). On the second night, light the candle second from the right, then the candle on the far right, and replace the lit shamash. You’ll repeat this pattern for each night of Hanukkah, always lighting the newest candle first. On the eighth night, you’ll be lighting all of the candles, starting at the far left.

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