Leonard Bernstein Was Born in Lawrence Massachusettes.

My stepmother was also born in Lawrence, Mass. He was eight years her senior. Bernstein was a composer best known for the movie we all watched in school, “West Side Story” my Son and I attended the Symphony of the Americas Gershwin & Bernstein’s Broadway while we vacationed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

It was a vacation like no other for over 23 years. I never took a real break to pamper myself. I gave one week a year to counsel or usher at the Christian Film Festivals of America.  Several Churches got involved, and we would lead others to Christ and direct them to a Church in their community. We handed the Pastor of the Church their counseling information for follow-up. I absolutely adored the ministry. We never sent anyone to a Catholic Church, and the way the ecumenical thing works out, we really didn’t have to.

The performance was playing at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, and it was a sold-out performance.  I bought my tickets two months in advance, and I am so grateful to God that I did.  I learned something new which confirmed what it was I had always known.

Bernstein wanted to do a piece that depicted the battle between the Jewish people and the Catholics, and what developed was “West Side Story.” I never knew that about the musical until the Maestro told us, then it all fell into place.

That is how the Jews see Christianity?  It is not at all what Jesus had in mind for them.  Dump the idols!

He called them the Sharks, their rivals, the Jets.  We have a crop circle that confirms they are sharks killing machines who lie, and then when they pounce on their prey in the majority. You can tell they lie; they distort the purpose of the star of David. When I began my walk, my best friend and mentor was a man named David, who died 37 days after 9/11 and Confirmed to me we were right about them; they are a haven for every foul spirit Psalm 37:1-40.  So no, I will not back down!

Nor will I bow to the beast’s image who has reclaimed his lost stones and covering throughout the ages.

When you’re a shark, you’re a shark all the way. The sharks were Puerto Ricans, and the majority did not ever learn how to be like Jesus. They never received HIS Spirit; they believed anything goes; they had a license to be wicked; it’s a religion with no relationship or true conversion to Christ.

Proverbs 13:13 KJV
(13)  Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.

No other God before Him, and He does not share HIS glory Isaiah 42:8.

It is sad Bernstein’s life or any life does not include a relationship to Jesus like an acquaintance of friends of mine who said to me on the first fourth of JULY during Covid, a man who was raised Catholic said,  “One Nation under God.”  Here is a man who never worshiped, never praised God, and never celebrated the finished work of Jesus.  He is not born again and doesn’t know the Bible or that his rock is not the ROCK. However, because he buys fireworks for us all to enjoy on the fourth, we don’t tell him the truth that the Nation was under God when it was founded, and his Church trashed it because they do not worship the Christ of scripture who came to lift HIS Father.

I am forbidden by my friends to speak to him or talk about it. I upset people. Primarily by those who protect the harlot.

Like Peter, who took his eyes off of Jesus, they sank, and instead of crying out for help to those who prospered by spreading the word, they decided to take us all under with them.  It is always best when one is drowning to wait until they stop fighting to go and rescue them.

Like Germany, Protestant salvations needed to stop missionaries had to cease, and the word that saved souls be continuously kept hidden. Protestant converts took away from Rome’s resources which is how a priest earns his living.  So why today are there so many joining them? With Jesus so close to returning? It is a hostage situation; he wants creative power. While mocking God???

The closest he gets to power here on earth is the king of the hill positions he creates, and under him, all his slaves to serve him.

God’s SON has value, and the enemy is trying to use his followers to deny Jesus’s worth to the world.

Adam lost it, but the prize to get it was sitting in Egypt, glad to give it back after the message is told. We will even throw in a Temple in Jerusalem, but it all takes money to make that happen.  When he bankrupts and destroys America, where do we get that money?

Ezekiel 33, the Watchman is also the one who will carry the creature for their judgment. That’s mercy, that’s grace, that’s the love of God. Quite a few of you already have been warned I don’t think there is time to start another church so what is God’s plan for us? Repentance and come out of her,  she lies, and so do the communists she associates with; what is the difference? One uses the Lord’s name in vain. Is it no wonder communism is close behind in her works? The devil is in both. When the dragon is done, he will devour Rome using China, and the whole world will suffer at their hands.

Reading the signs in this chart below, we see that the good honey bees are gone, and here we find the bad killer bees coming across our borders, destroying our country.  Their Jesus is not my Jesus, and they would do the same in heaven, and the real saints know it.  They may have taken over the world, but they lost their seat at the masters’ table. Because HE asked Peter to feed HIS lambs the spiritual food that HE provided and help them to know Jesus as the lamb who was slain for them,  idols can’t help win Jews or Muslims who are descendants of Abraham.  Christians put those things far away as foolish things unable to support our walk with God.  You would think the body of Christ would know that. So, why don’t they?

Some religions believe it is OK to lie to get the deed done.  That’s not my God. HE says liars will not enter heaven but have their part in the lake of fire.

The angels and I almost began a revival shortly after I became excited over my finding and understanding of what was in Egypt thirteen years ago, and they followed the lamps that made the crop circles. It was a halleluiah angelic choir moment for me. As fast as the walls were taken down in Salem, NH, they went back up again. I could not disagree with a man who I thought was a brother;  I proclaimed I won ad I was told I could not let others think I was better than they, I am not better than any other, a sinner saved by grace,  so he said he did not want the lamps and we proceeded to pray them away.

Just because God wrote HIS story into my life is insignificant; what I need to do is be someone else. According to the super-spiritual who cannot be deceived. God should have given it to somebody who had more faith and could do the Benny Hinn or the Wigglesworth; they are real men of God; although Hinn confessed to Francis Chan, he hadn’t been close to God for several years, his gifts kept on flowing? God stopped trusting him is what he said to Chan.

It could be that he must become less while another becomes more?

Let’s look at the lies we were led to believe by the blind who are leading the blind that is not founded in the HOLY WRIT. They exist because someone wanted to be the big cheese that doesn’t please. I wasn’t looking for this call; it was ordered by God, so what’s the holdup?

Well, there was that Prophecy at Colonial Mountain in 1990, saying God was going to bring me through some intensified warfare.

I’m dealing with the same spiritual forces the first covering cherub had to deal with. Who is the beast and has again clothed himself in his vanity of precious stones.  Jesus is coming back for a Church (His Bride ) without spot or blemish one that sees HIS WORTH,  HIS VALUE just as a woman would see the worth of her own husband and look to no other.

If I call you and ask you to pray for me, it is because you are alive, and God listens to the prayers of a righteous as opposed to an unrighteous one who only calls on HIM in an immediate need moment. Nowhere in scripture are we persuaded to ask for prayers from those who went before us; we cannot even be confident they are even there.  As the witch of Endor, the calling on the dead was an abomination in the sight of God. He created all men to have fellowship with HIM. Leave the dead alone they are in retirement. Their work is done, they paved the way for the next generation, and if they taught others to pray to anyone else other than  God in Jesus’s name,  they are not there. No matter what your holy father here says and I can tell you who his father is.

Who are HIS mother and brothers but those who do the will of his Father? In that statement alone, HE is again lifting HIS Father shining the light on what is important, not HIS mother, that is a stronghold left from Rome’s pagan days having a need of a false goddess among them feeding that perversion. Why does Mary give words that contradict the teachings of Jesus?

She considers herself an equal with the godhead who has the same powers, and in 1954, she became the co-redeemer with Christ condemning millions to hell; the ecumenical movement was their idea, not the Protestant’s idea. They insist on being the big cheese. So we used them to build a better mousetrap.  How many HOLY FATHERS in the universe are there?

How many are on earth, and which one is the right one?

They refuse to repent; they get to stay and see their work firsthand, and many Pentecostals are going to make sure they do.  Watchmen, they are not, or they would have noticed the same words missing from all the new translations that finger their cohorts as the enemy. Donald Trump was educated by Jesuits which raised a red flag with me. I would take him back in a heartbeat if I knew that he denounced his connection to Rome. I do not like puppets whose strings are pulled by delusional people who think they are doing the will of God and place stumbling blocks in the path of Abraham’s children.

God approved of the undertaking of building the New World Order to prove that the Son could give him the desire of his heart to be like the most high, not be the most high. The peace plan is God’s. The building of the temple is God’s, for they labor in vain if God does not build the house.

A Christain leader asks his congregation to vote for the better of the two evils Mitt Romney (Mormon ) and Paul Ryan (Catholic), against Barack (Saddam) Hussein Obama (Religion uncertain he may be Muslim he may be Christian? He was made to be the hidden Imam this 700 billion dollar man,  wouldn’t Abel be better all the way around?) and Joe Biden (Catholic). I heard recently that their caliber of spirituality makes it hard for them to be deceived? Not his fault that he went to Jesuit seminaries and keeps trying to get me to bow to the image of the beast. What kind of high caliber of spirituality is that?

I will not back down,  you want the call?  You can tell FATHER HIS SON’s HONOR is not worth the World!

I will not do it in action or words; it’s a solid ROCK I stand upon.

Pretend you have arthritis in both hands; now try and bring those crippled hands together to form praying hands.  It doesn’t work; they hit against each other they don’t fit; now, take one hand and make it perfectly one half of a praying hand and push the crippled hand into it; it’s similar to getting a vine to grow the way we want.  This was how my failed marriage was described to me. We were both crippled from broken homes, and our hurts kept getting in the way of having a harmonious marriage. It would take one of us to stand as one half of the praying hand solid and strong so that the other can fit into it over time nicely.

As a church, we are called to do the same thing for the world. If you join with the delusional and dysfunctional do you not become like them?

When God gave me this call I knew what it was I was called to do.  Stand on the word defend the word be unmovable,  unshakeable so that the crippled one can grow right. Do I need to be right on everything? No, but we need to see who are enemies are and not fight them but do as Jesus said, love them and the way to do that best is to come out from among them. They need to be Born Again or be left to their gallows and China will have their pound of flesh. It’s sad, but it is poetic justice for daily eating HIM up. They will feed human flesh to their prisoners so the rich can have the real steaks.

I love my friend, and it’s true our community is better with them, but I am not the one who has to repent on the value of Jesus. I am trying to get them to a higher plane the one without blemishes.  I wanted to wrap my arms around Obama thinking he was the Antichrist because it would mean our Jesus is next. How was that not having a pure heart? On top of that, my sins were washed away before discovery.

That’s when  I saw God in the effigy that Satan had the Jews try to hide for over four hundred years. I was told not to think myself better than another by the same one who now behaves like I’m needed but I must conform to their way? Dysfunctional?

I’m confused, make up your mind.

You have 400 to 500 questions; you tell me that Free Masonry is evil and that it is a tool of the devil? The same voices went to Isalm and started calling America the great Satan and were doing so before JFK was killed.  We were Protestant no matter what denomination of Christian Churches we belonged to. We sent out missionaries, and like Germany, they had to stop us, and it wasn’t the Free Masons that ended America. It was Catholicism.

A mason must believe in God. The structure does not allow for communism and is most likely one of the reasons Catholics won’t belong.

We just wanted to make sure the whole world saw it.

A man sits in the AG church as a treasurer and tells us if it wasn’t for them, he would not have known the trinity??? God did not love you enough to reveal that truth to you? If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have a Bible? No, if it weren’t for them, we would all have Bibles and trust the HOLY SPIRIT to teach us the mysteries of HIS scriptures, not by an obsolete priesthood restored 300 years after the temple was destroyed and HIS priesthood scattered. Then 310 years later in 610 AD, Islam popped up? What happened? ROME happened to continue to thwart the work of the gospel.

Why were Abraham’s children not led to the Jesus of the Bible? They destroyed themselves by destroying and ending the word planted in the hearts of the real Christians during the inquisitions now, they need to pay the piper.

Someone hid the word of God away and substituted relics and outward holy appearances,  all poor substitutes for the truth that sets souls free.

These men are of a high caliber spiritually and cannot have the wool pulled over their eyes. No, I should indeed have gone to the masons first, and I did, but I decided against it because of the stigma that the false religious people put on them. I wanted to reach all of them and let them see what it is they are bringing to America I always noticed how God waited until the last minute to show up.

You can’t see how when the economy collapses again, the numbers of homeless there will be the uprise in crime the love of many growing cold China wanting the money for their merchandise in the Walmarts which may be how they end up owning all of them. These stores were built by Sam Walton, who was Army intelligence and oversaw the internment camps of the Japanese in WWII.  Loans to Walmart and to expand their operations were government-mandated Walmart and JB Hunt and Tyson Chicken hail from Arkansas home of William Jefferson Clinton, a fallen Baptist.

Where did your Chicken come from? Several Chinese companies are already whitelisted after having undergone USDA safety checks. Exporting U.S. chickens to China and bringing them back seems like an unnecessarily convoluted process. What’s the point? The first issue is cheap labor. According to estimations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American poultry processing worker is paid approximately $11 per hour. Their Chinese counterpart will work for $1-$2 per hour.

My enemies swallow me up.

If I thought myself better than another, would God have given this to me? Doesn’t he look into the heart of men? Does he not decide who he will drive and steer? I was late for my graduation in high school, I was late for my first evangelism meeting, and many times I run late. The good news is Jesus started early so that maybe I can run late. I can see the black and red horses, so why dishonor your king Jesus by claiming his honor is worthless?

Keep that microphone away, and no true words go forward; good thing I can write posts.

If I am going to burn in hell forever for revealing the truth and warning others, what chance do any of us have?

Why do you think when Mary appears to them, she is not wearing a new outfit? Men are running the show, and those who have not known a woman or understand them,  wouldn’t understand that.  I can Guarantee from what Jesus taught HIS mother isn’t making appearances.  This segment of society and leadership where men do not marry is a spiritual fragment of the first fallen angels who never knew women; they came before Eve, so there is no worm of their soul or spirit driving them in that direction.

The only replacement theology we should be discussing is the better covering. One that does not allow the congregation to sway him into their folly.

Be this, be that, you have the light and should be able to create?!? Be Benny Hinn, do Smith Wigglesworth, we don’t like Bobby and find no value in what he offers.

Because a man composes a beautiful work of music does not give him access to heaven, heaven is closed to those who deny Christ; the angels know HIS value and question, will they, now that he is visible in the heavens, want to harm HIM again? Will they do to Benjamin what they did to Joseph?

The pressure is great to have him compromise and side with the enemies of God as so many others have,  that daily swallow HIM up.

Could it be said that those who deny that the Son of God’s honor is with the world be considered false Christians?  Absolutely! After all, this whole time was God desiring to reveal to the world the importance and need for Christ. I need Christ,  we all need Christ,  or we get left for the dragon to devour us.  He will also devour those who side with him. He is a destructive killing mechanism because he hates God so much, and we are made in God’s image so that we can see eternity will not be so pleasant with him.

The image above is his form in flames; my gift is not mine but for all.  That’s why I share it with you all, and I do not hide my talent, as some may claim I do. They are just afraid of the truth I bring.  I am happy to say I do not despise small beginnings on average; on the 20 sites, I get 35 to 40,000 human visits a week. Thank you. I hope you are learning some great things; I know I am.

This crop formation is called the great horned one, the devil. His body has 11 circles and is much bigger than the spirits by his fourth vertebrae; his head has a flat spot, then we have the two eyes. For 14 in all, you do not need eyes if you live in the darkness, so 14 -2 =12.  Isaiah 14 starts at verse twelve plus eleven for ending at verse 23, Isaiah 14:12-23. We know he plays both sides and likes to keep the focus off Christ on both sides; he is two-faced, which brings us to 2 x 14 Ezekiel 28:12-19.

Still, think God had no hand in placing the numbers? HE is, after all, the Maestro.


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