Demon’s Among Us How to Deal

On the day of Pentecost, the believers were gathered in the upper room, the word tells us they were in one accord awaiting the promise of the HOLY SPIRIT the comforter, the oil of God to make the work easier.

I have not buried my talent but made it global so that everyone may hear the word that the devil does not want them to hear. Even as a watchmen sounded the alarm but no one wants to hear hard things many like to be coddled.

They wanted to shove me away and silence me keep me from the cards and the websites.

The image is what this fallen angel looks like in the spiritual realm, the book of Enoch supports their change in the fall.  The circle reveals once holy now evil and disgusting something God hopes you do not want to spend eternity with.

In the tribulation, the sorting between heaven and hell is going to be take the mark or die.   I can save many of you with the back of a blank business card to see if you are one who will take the mark or not and wouldn’t you like to know if a demon is in you to keep you grounded?

There is a curse placed upon the earth that FATHER will not turn back from and it is a statement that was made by our enemy in front of the angels.

We are told that there are tares among us causing division and strife by peer pressuring us into joining with them against Israel. Which includes everything Israel was warned not to involve itself with, Queens of heaven idols and the like how you ecumenical souls make a Father proud? Bringing them into your Churches without cleaning them or did they engineer the churches to create the apostasy?

Demons are Nazi Makers calling the light darkness and the darkness they are from the light.

God simply allowed time to reveal to the world the dragon allowing him to dress in his precious stones. Now his cohorts cry for the light he once carried that FATHER took from him.  I’ll share the gift and the light but not with the swine that has trampled it underfoot. I was throwing my pearls to the pigs. They saw no value in the SON’s honor at all.

Will you take the mark?  You adorn their masks by the pandemic they created in China to overthrow America, to bring about their world rule with universal healthcare that kills they love that one child policy that favors boys they need women and they are looking at America for them.

I can ask you one question you don’t even have to tell me the answer just right it on the back of a business card to find out whose business you are about.  It will save me a lot of work. I have been lied to all my life people telling me they know God and when given the chance to turn the world around and lift the SON they do not want to do it God’s way.

We warned you many years ago they were prepping for this,   Christians act oblivious to what is happening around them as sheep heading to the slaughter and their leaders making it possible by siding with God’s enemy who daily swallows HIM up! Unlewss of course you have that NASB that came out during the Watergate scandal and the negotiations to have trade with China made with Henry Kissinger.

Remember when it was just a conspiracy?

Catholic Joe Pope Say’s he’s a good Catholic.

He will do as he is told by the prince of darkness,  not like that bad first Irish Catholic President John F. Kennedy who refused to do the bidding of his church.

History repeats itself because of the insanityyy of the sacrifice where they learned nothing from the first one.